Dear Grant Applicant:

Since September 2007 a new two-stage application process has been established for all grant applications. The Foundation Trustees will review only applications submitted according to the guidelines outlined below. If your preliminary application is reviewed favorably by the Trustees, you will be invited to submit a final application for consideration.

Stage One:
Preliminary Application

All applications must be submitted on the electronic web form, follow preliminary application link below.

The following information must be included:

  1. Brief description of the organization
    (if a grant has previously been awarded it is only necessary to indicate "past grant recipient");
  2. Description of the project or need; and
  3. Budget for the project.

Stage Two:
Final Application (***BY INVITATION ONLY***)

Those invited to submit a final application must provided the information by (i) electronic web form, follow final application link below, and (ii) two paper copies of the form and attachments by mail required.

The following information must be included:

  1. More detailed description of the organization.

    • Its history, goals and principal accomplishments, list of current Board of Directors, staff and number of members;
    • Summary of annual budget, including principal sources of operating support, and unrestricted capital resources (endowment); and
    • A copy of the latest IRS tax status letter.

  2. A description of the project or need.

    • What will be accomplished?
    • Does it have a reasonable assurance of success?
    • Where appropriate, please give a brief description of the scientific rationale.
    • How does it seek to "break new ground"?
    • Provide a breakdown of its cost. How much of that is "overhead"?

  3. The capability to carry the project through to completion.

    • What are the qualifications of the person or persons responsible for implementation?
    • If other funds are required, will the project be started before the balance has been received?
    • Will a grant from the Esther B. Kahn Charitable Foundation "make or break" the project?
    • What criteria will be used to measure success?
    • In due course, will you provide the Trustees with an objective appraisal of the project's success?

In addition to the electronic web form, a total of two paper copies
of the Final Application and attachments must be mailed to the following address,
without staples or bindings (paper clips and/or binder clips are acceptable):

Esther B. Kahn Charitable Foundation
c/o John M. Cornish, Trustee
Choate Hall & Stewart LLP
Two International Place
Boston, Massachusetts 02110

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the Trustees to meet with prospective applicants, nor provide individual feedback on submitted applications. The Trustees meet in March/April and August/September and the final grant applicants will be notified within ten (10) business days after the Trustees' meeting whether or not they have been awarded a grant. If a grant has been awarded to the organization, a check will be included with your notification of award.

Very truly yours,

John M. Cornish Electronic Signature
John M. Cornish, Trustee

Application links:
"Preliminary Application"
"Final Application" (by invitation only)